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Memory Investments


Musical Picture Video Montage

$1.25 per picture

$4.00 per song

$4.00 per title

$4.00 per 1 minute video segment


The above packages are excellent for any occasion such as retirement, anniversaries, vacation

memories, birthdays, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, baby announcements, personal portfolios, etc.

Transfer and Duplication Services

I t e m                                                                    Description                                                             Investment

Transfer                                                  Up to 2 Hours VHS or Camcorder tape to DVD               $15 ( 10 or more $12 each)

Film Transfer                                          Regular or Super 8mm (no sound) to VHS or DVD        $7.75 / per 50 ft. (15.5 cents / ft.) ($20 set up)

Film Transfer                                         16mm or Super 8mm Sound to VHS or DVD                    $8.50 / per 50 ft. (17 cents / ft.) ($20 set up)

Film Transfer Enhanced                      All film is color enhanced and spot edited                       $2.00 per 50 ft ( Add to above transfer fees)

Transfer                                                  Physical Photos, Slides or Negatives to CDs                   $.50 each or .75 for slide show ( $5 set up fee)

Duplication                                             Up to 2 Hour VHS tapes                                                       $8 (discounts / multiple copies)

Duplication                                             DVDs or CDs                                                                         $8 (discounts / multiple copies)

Audio Tapes & Records                        Cassettes or Vinyl Records to CD((up to 70 Minutes )    $15 ea for up to 1hour (Track Splitting $5 extra)

Video Editing                                           We edit your video for you or with you                                $50 per hour

Wedding & Special Occasion Videography

Wedding Prices Start at $799

Stop in and see us for a demo & a full estimate


Event Videography

$85 per hour per camera (minimum of 2 hours)

$50 per hour editing fee

$50 per hour creative fee ( titles, music etc.)

Prices Subject to change

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